Duke Campus Farm provides opportunities for co-curricular programs, projects and collaborations with Duke students. Please see below for several examples.

For course offerings and other programming involving Duke Campus Farm that provides course credit, please see Course Offerings.

Student Films from "Climate, Culture, and Identity"

Experimental filmmaker Lauren Henschel (MFA ‘20) worked with both courses taught by DCF Program Director Saskia Cornes during the 2022 school year. To explore complex course content, all students made short films around themes of climate, food, and identity, reaching a wider audience with their projects, sharing their knowledge in new ways and learning transferable video-making and narrative skills. These films are inspired by the ideas of folks discussed in class, such as Robin Wall Kimmerer, Timothy Morton, and Norman Wirzba, as well as Lauren Henschel's experimental films and art installations and students' own life experiences.

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"We Are All Related"

We are grateful for a replica of the “We Are All Related” mural to be a resident at the farm. In 2018, a class led by Charlie Thompson called, “Farmworkers in North Carolina”, partnered with local Durham artist Cornelio Campos to research farmworkers in the Durham area. Students went on field trips and researched areas including here at Duke Campus Farm and one of our partners, Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF). The mural makes visible the many complex historical and modern layers of our food system and the stories of North Carolina farmers.