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Quarantine Reflections From Across the Country

DCF student crew member Julianna Rennie, a junior studying public policy has been checking in with our student crew who are scattered across the country to share their experiences of life during quarantine.

Kendall Jefferys, Trinity ‘21, is spending time in her backyard garden in Keller, Texas. After using some composting tips she learned at DCF, her pile has started breaking down more quickly. 

During the pandemic, she’s noticed that it’s easy to lose sight of the complex supply chains that provide our food. “I think gardening brings back a small sense of control,” Kendall said. “ It is something that looks, smells, and tastes a little like hope.”

Paul Noah, MF ‘21, has been gardening at home, too, in Carrboro, NC. He planted some extra broccoli and leek seedlings from DCF, but his cat Lottie keeps getting into the pots!

Floey Zhao, Trinity ‘22, is up north in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She's been reflecting on how she’s never lived somewhere with a yard where she could plant things. “Having the right and space to garden is a huge privilege, and I wish more people, especially kids, could have that opportunity,” she said. “I'm grateful that DCF gives me that space.”

Julianna finds herself back home in Charlotte, NC. She’s missing the grounding, nurturing work she discovered at DCF. “In the midst of COVID-19, the best thing I can do for myself and my community is to continue growing food,” Julianna shared. She has decided to spend next semester away from campus to continue learning about organic, small-scale growing methods as an apprentice at Full Sun Farm in Leicester, NC.