Lauren Ballejos hails from the hills of West Virginia where she developed a reverence for the natural world and folk art. She received her Bachelor’s at Vanderbilt University, studying studio art and philosophy. It was there that she developed a deep love for working with plants at the greenhouses. After graduating, she spent time working at a ranch/artist residency in the Nebraska Sandhills and developing a career in nonprofit arts organizations in Nashville, TN. 

She will begin the Graduate Liberal Studies program at Duke in the Fall, and is very excited to continue exploring the intersection of art and ethnobotany. For the time being, she is getting acquainted with the campus farm and enjoying learning about sustainable agriculture.

Outside of work and school, you’ll find Lauren going on plenty of walks with her doggo, Thoreau, and loving husband, Dillan. She loves oil painting, crafting, sailing, soccer, and brewing tea.